Friday, October 7


For years I blogged at  I took a couple years off so I could focus on figuring out homeschooling.  We've found a rhythm now with homeschooling and I thought this site would be a fun fresh start.  But, I really really miss MY blog so....I'm back at it! This time a little less family journalism and a little more projects, crafty projects, fun deals, a bit of family stuff...and such...we'll see where the conversation goes...visit me at  I'll be expecting you!!!!

Wednesday, October 5

Memorize Psalm 100

Our sweet friends challenged their Sunday School class last year to memorize Psalm 100 by reciting the passage 100 times by Thanksgiving!  We joined them last year and as a family memorized Psalm 100, too.
The campaign has spread and this year, the children's ministry at our church is providing families with tools to take home to help with the memorization process.  During family worship on Sunday, the kids were reminded that their parents have lots on their minds, so they can be the biggest resource for their parents in helping the entire family learn the passage!
Today is October 5th and Thanksgiving is just 50 days away...if you want to join our family this year, start today and between now and November 24th, together as a family repeat aloud Psalm 100 together twice a day!!!    
I found the above poster available in a free pdf file if you'd like to print out a graphic to help your family keep Psalm 100...visible through Thanksgiving!  Here's the link to Starlight Writer if you'd like to visit...seems like a sweet blog.

Tuesday, October 4

Moore Wisdom

 I have several mentors, but Beth Moore is one of my favorite!  Her love for the Word of God, her vulnerability of how much she needs the Cross and Jesus, and the way she submits herself before God in humbleness on her knees has combined to guide me in areas of my life that I never knew needed growth!  
Having spent hours in bible study with Beth, it was AWESOME to see her face to face!  There was laughter and tears as Beth covered every spectrum of emotion so genuinely!  The worship was INCREDIBLE!  Her emphasis was 'We were created for good company!'  Sitting closely to my sister-in-law and mother-in-law, I was reminded what a huge blessing it is that God not only gave me my wonderful husband, but also had an precious gift for me in his family!

Monday, October 3

Halloween Wreath

I love Thrifty Decor Chick's blog and after seeing this on her site I had to try it myself!  I used a 40% coupon on Hobby Lobby's website (just showed them the coupon on my iPhone and they gave me my discount).  Love that!  
12 inch styrofoam wreath - $2.39 with coupon.

Target has black duct tape for $3ish at Target.  And I grabbed candy corns at the same time...a large package was $2.  I grabbed 2 bags which was perfect, an extra half of a bag was left to give us a sugar high!
My trusty hot glue was my mom's years ago.  I inherited (forever borrowed) it in college.  As long as you make sure each row the candy corn flips the opposite direction, its all good.  How long did it take!?!?  The length of one good Gigi and Me phone conversation!  
Finish with a quick coat of polyurethane - I found some in our garage...then let it dry for about an hour.  
We're ready for Trick or Treaters!

Cub Scouts Popcorn

Following church, Brady spent some time raising funds for his troop.  It was so cute to watch him introduce himself and ask for business as cars pulled over to contribute.  I LOVE that our neighbors were so generous with their time and money for my little cub scout!!!  

If you'd like to purchase popcorn, call or email Brady, via me!
I, Brady, promise
To do my DUTY to GOD
And my Country
To HELP other people, and
To OBEY the LAW of the Pack

Sunday, October 2

Sunday PAPER: Paper Dudes

Welcome to another week of Sunday PAPER!

This was our 4th week as 1st grade boys' Sunday school teachers.  Good times.  
  • ice breaker - check
  • music - check
  • open bible - check (all 14 of them)
  • "God's Word is always true and everything in it really happened!"
  • lesson - check
  • prayer - check
  • closing activity - check
  • paper folding activity - CHECK!!!
  • parent pick up - check
We're starting to find our groove with the kids.  Although, their energy totally needs to be bottled and sold!!!  Since the topic was serving others, one major emphasis for the boys was caring for others.  Paper Dudes became our folding project.  This will take you back!  I'll include some pictures below so you can try this at home with your little dudes and dudettes!
FIRST: Fold the paper in half, length-wise.  Use the fold line to cut the paper into two equal sheets.  You'll  just need one of the sheets.
SECOND: Fold the sheet in half width-wise until corners meet. Crease and then open up and use middle line to guide the paper into an accordion shape, with four equal parts. Now draw the dude or dudette on the paper.  Cut around the sketch, being sure to leave the hands intact...NO CUTS ALONG EDGE OF HANDS!  
THIRD: Open and you'll have four friends to color and appreciate.  Hopefully a good reminder Joseph and how he was loving to his brothers even after they were cruel to him because he knew that wherever he had gone, God had been with him!!!

Saturday, October 1

Plans for My Pumpkins

The weather is finally starting to cool down...following way too many days in the triple digits this summer!  So many triple digits that we set a new record...that's not the kind of record I ever want to set again!  Along with the changing of seasons, it's time to mark the calendar with our family's favorite outings and work on my to do list!!!  In high school, I use to laugh at one of my mom's friends for saying that she'd just go crazy without her calendar...I have become calendar is my best friend!

  • State Fair Over Texas
  • Niece's Birthday
  • Pumpkin Patch in the Evening
  • Carve Pumpkins
  • Chili Cooking Contest 
  • Family Camping Trip (?)
  • Garage Sale or Goodwill - Still Not Sure
  • Prune and Pull Shrubs in Front Yard
  • Bake Pumpkin Yummies
  • Find Last Few Halloween Costume Accessories
  • Pick Out Christmas Card Outfits for the Family
  • Schedule Outdoor Family Photo Shoot