I started this blog a few years back when I finally decided it was time to shed the baby belly pounds, the accountability online was great!  Never would I have imagined that the blog's title would have tons more significance then my overflowing muffin-top a few years later!  Somethings Gotta Go is totally where we are right now...and for more reasons then me hearing my baby holler "all done with my poopie" four times a day! 

Simplifying life has become a recurrent theme as we have moved into a house that pretty much needs to be gutted shortly followed by thousands of pharmaceutical reps being restructured out of a job, my hubby being one of the unlucky.  My hubby landed on his feet a few weeks later with the pursuit of a new career, investment banking, aka six months of tests, each required to maintain employment, huge goals and the excitement of straight commission, and a few more tests. I'm a little bit type A in personality so I can't say going with the flow is simple for me, but every big change holds the opportunity for big growth.  So, whether or not that growth is monetary, I'm choosing to let the growth opportunity spill all over me! 


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