Wednesday, February 27

Aimee's 7th Week Update

I got onto the scale this morning and was a little surprised! Another 1.3 pounds loss this week...3.1 pounds until I've reached my first goal! Yes, I've loss 11.8 pounds over the last 7 weeks! With the tea party this week, there were lots of temptations all week long...I just tried to treat myself to a little something once a day and then wait patiently for tomorrow for another little taste! That and indulge on healthier options! Not easy, but these last few weeks of Weight Loss has lead me to becoming a huge believer of the old saying, a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips, or for me a lifetime on the belly (my trouble spot)! As I eat I try to remind myself that I don't want that sweet something sitting on my belly as an extra layer of cushion, ya know! Afterall, its almost swim season and my kids are at the perfect age to frequent the pool lots this year! You're more than welcome to join sure to give us a call...we love swimming with friends! (Can you tell I'm ready for winter to be done with!?!? Is it really suppose to snow next week!?!? Seriously!)

Monday, February 25

Deal For a Little Something

Victoria Secret has a swim suit (perhaps that's using the word too loosely) for $5.99 on clearance. Here's the site if you're interested, swim suit. If you use these two codes you get free shipping and a free tote ($25 value). BSEXY and SP89829. I ordered one in Khaki and a separate order for one in Turquoise...that way I can get two totes! Perhaps Lonnie and I will have to go on a little trip to an island in the next couple years...there's not a chance I'm wearing this at our neighborhood pool.

Wednesday, February 20

Aimee's 6th Week Update

Today was a really fun weigh in! After traveling I felt swollen and had not paid close attention to what I was eating so I didn't know what to anticipate! I got onto the scale and had lost 2.1 pounds this week! After a couple slower weeks I loved to see the progress continuing! I am now at 10.5 total pounds lost!!! Bennett & Brady's baby weight is gone...Belle to go! After losing 4.4 pounds more pounds I'll reevaluate to see what I feel would be my ideal weight! It's really happening though, I would have committed to this years ago if I knew it was so manageable!

Wednesday, February 13

Aimee's 5th Week Update

Unfortunately, the 13th is a while back! A lot has happened since then so I can't think of much more than the fact I was a bit disappointed that I loss less than a pound this week. Especially since I even turned down all the delicious treats at Cameron and Jordan's Tea Party...and everything looked incredible so that was no easy feat! I am thankful for my decimal scale that continues to give me hope that I am still losing...encouraging me to continue making healthy choices! This week's weigh in, I was down 0.7 for the week, a total loss of 8.4!

Wednesday, February 6

Aimee's 4th Week Update

I was pleasantly surprised when I got onto the scale this morning! I've lost 1.7 more pounds! That puts me at 7.7 total weight loss so far! I'm now a bit over half way there! Leaving me with 7.3 pounds left to loose! So many questions run through my head this week! Will I continue to loose over a pound a week for the duration of my weight loss program!? Is my goal weight attainable!?!? Will I need to loose more once I hit my goal weight?!? How many pounds does one need to loose for the weight loss to look noticeable!?!? I've been more hungry this it because I'm not having a lot of other outlets due to being stuck at home STILL with sick babies - or- should I eat more?!!? What happens when/if I reach my goal weight!?!? In reality is this the way I should eat for the rest of my life with exception to a few splurges here and there!?!? Any thoughts or suggestions?!?

Tuesday, February 5


Saturday was a day of play for me! A much needed day of fresh air, girl talk, shopping, and yummy food! We had a baby shower for one of my baby sisters and then afterward, my older sister and I shopped at uppity shops, had lunch at ChickFilA...then waited entirely too long before arriving for dinner at Pappasitos Cantina! There was a 30 minute wait and the hostesses offered an appetizer of chicken taquitos! I had one of those then a couple chips with salsa once we sat down. I was thinking oh well, that's alright! Then when the fajitas came out I thought I could resist that incredibly good garlic butter...but nope! Sprinkled a good teaspoon on both fajitas! Oops!
I'm such a hypocrite! Last night as I watched The Biggest Loser (love that show) I was shocked at the dessert that the blue team made...they used 2-3 tablespoons of butter and it was suppose to be a healthy dish! The judge commented on how many calories it had because of the butter! I was like, "HELLO, what were they thinking!?!?" Silly me...I know what they were thinking...sounds good!
A couple weeks ago my sister-in-law told me that at the month mark it does seem to get tougher! Right she was! And I thought being stuck home had been real tough on my diet but perhaps its been some sort of strange blessing since there are very few things here that tempt me! I mean, I guess I could attempt to make the garlic butter for my fajitas but its not already prepared...staring at me, ya know! Hmm, we'll see how the weigh in goes tomorrow! Every since Saturday's cheat I feel like I'm slipping a little here and a little there! I have to remember how badly I want to get that 15 pounds off of this body and refocus what it will take to get there! Any other suggestions!?!?