Tuesday, February 5


Saturday was a day of play for me! A much needed day of fresh air, girl talk, shopping, and yummy food! We had a baby shower for one of my baby sisters and then afterward, my older sister and I shopped at uppity shops, had lunch at ChickFilA...then waited entirely too long before arriving for dinner at Pappasitos Cantina! There was a 30 minute wait and the hostesses offered an appetizer of chicken taquitos! I had one of those then a couple chips with salsa once we sat down. I was thinking oh well, that's alright! Then when the fajitas came out I thought I could resist that incredibly good garlic butter...but nope! Sprinkled a good teaspoon on both fajitas! Oops!
I'm such a hypocrite! Last night as I watched The Biggest Loser (love that show) I was shocked at the dessert that the blue team made...they used 2-3 tablespoons of butter and it was suppose to be a healthy dish! The judge commented on how many calories it had because of the butter! I was like, "HELLO, what were they thinking!?!?" Silly me...I know what they were thinking...sounds good!
A couple weeks ago my sister-in-law told me that at the month mark it does seem to get tougher! Right she was! And I thought being stuck home had been real tough on my diet but perhaps its been some sort of strange blessing since there are very few things here that tempt me! I mean, I guess I could attempt to make the garlic butter for my fajitas but its not already prepared...staring at me, ya know! Hmm, we'll see how the weigh in goes tomorrow! Every since Saturday's cheat I feel like I'm slipping a little here and a little there! I have to remember how badly I want to get that 15 pounds off of this body and refocus what it will take to get there! Any other suggestions!?!?

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