Wednesday, May 21

My Favorite Salad

Feast or famine, right!?!? No posts forever and now here I go posting like its an obsession or something!

I had to share my favorite salad with you (thanks Ali for the recommendation). For those of you that have a nearby ChickFilA (sorry Michawn, not sure that includes you), go there and order the Southwest Chicken Salad with Light Italian dressing! Its 4 Weight Watcher points and speaking about obsessions, I'm passionate about this salad! Combine it with a small diet lemonade and you have the most perfect treat ever! (I didn't say it was cheap, I'm always shocked at how pricey ChickFilA is...I think the salad is $5 and the drink a bit over $1). Like I said, a fun treat!

Tuesday, May 20

Aimee's 18th - 19th Week's Update

Well, last week I got onto the scale and was up .8 pounds (oops). I knew that the fine dining would catch up! Guess I'll be more purposeful in eating choices! I'm fine if I don't loose more weight, but definitely don't want to gain weight!

And, now to this week...I'm happy to share that I'm back down 1.0 pounds (that's 0.2 pound less than my previous post). I'm pretty sure I was bloated --- how embarrassing to type that! I do feel lots better eating more at home now.

I think that I'm probably finished with my weight loss, but I plan to post somewhat consistently during all of 2008 as somewhat of an accountability to stick with what I've begun! I can't believe that this has been my lifestyle for almost 6 months now!?!? Isn't that crazy! I can't believe that I use to weight 17.2 pounds more!

My neighbor, Brandi and I recently talked about going on morning walks together for some heart exercise...I need to start going to bed earlier so I can make that happen!

Tuesday, May 6

Aimee's 15th - 17th Week's Update

I meant to post regularly, but with all my celebrating and then Lonnie's travels --- I'm forever behind! I'm at a standstill with weight. No gain/no loss. Which I'm REAL thankful for the hold on weight considering all the eating out and desserts that I've enjoyed over the last two weeks! You know the saying, a moment on the lips...a lifetime on the hips (or actually the belly for this girl). I think that my appetite has changed since back in January when I started this weight loss adventure! I've had lots of sweets and treats but I think the amount is not anything compared to how I use to indulge! I need to refocus my eating habits again...the junk I've eaten lately has been giving me lots of belly good, right!?!