Tuesday, May 6

Aimee's 15th - 17th Week's Update

I meant to post regularly, but with all my celebrating and then Lonnie's travels --- I'm forever behind! I'm at a standstill with weight. No gain/no loss. Which I'm REAL thankful for the hold on weight considering all the eating out and desserts that I've enjoyed over the last two weeks! You know the saying, a moment on the lips...a lifetime on the hips (or actually the belly for this girl). I think that my appetite has changed since back in January when I started this weight loss adventure! I've had lots of sweets and treats but I think the amount is not anything compared to how I use to indulge! I need to refocus my eating habits again...the junk I've eaten lately has been giving me lots of belly aches...no good, right!?!

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