Wednesday, May 21

My Favorite Salad

Feast or famine, right!?!? No posts forever and now here I go posting like its an obsession or something!

I had to share my favorite salad with you (thanks Ali for the recommendation). For those of you that have a nearby ChickFilA (sorry Michawn, not sure that includes you), go there and order the Southwest Chicken Salad with Light Italian dressing! Its 4 Weight Watcher points and speaking about obsessions, I'm passionate about this salad! Combine it with a small diet lemonade and you have the most perfect treat ever! (I didn't say it was cheap, I'm always shocked at how pricey ChickFilA is...I think the salad is $5 and the drink a bit over $1). Like I said, a fun treat!


Michawn said...

So glad to see you back and also, are doing so awesome in maintaining. I can't believe I still have 35 pounds to go, but it's coming off steadily and as long as it's coming off, that's the point, right? I'll try to be patient. ;)

No, I am not privileged to have a Chick-Fil-A here. I don't think there's one anywhere in this country to be honest. Truly, that is a travesty and someone needs to keep that as a possible ministry opportunity prayer...yes, starting a Chick-Fil-A here in Brasil. ;) But, no, not one here. Bummer, right? It's my fave. But, I will definitely keep this tip in mind for furlough, that's for sure. Thanks for all the great suggestions and encouragement through this blog. Love to read your posts.

Us said...

I just had the chargrilled chicken salad and was pretty good. Since I don't eat any meat I gave the meat to the children and only had to order a fruit cup & water for them!