Wednesday, February 6

Aimee's 4th Week Update

I was pleasantly surprised when I got onto the scale this morning! I've lost 1.7 more pounds! That puts me at 7.7 total weight loss so far! I'm now a bit over half way there! Leaving me with 7.3 pounds left to loose! So many questions run through my head this week! Will I continue to loose over a pound a week for the duration of my weight loss program!? Is my goal weight attainable!?!? Will I need to loose more once I hit my goal weight?!? How many pounds does one need to loose for the weight loss to look noticeable!?!? I've been more hungry this it because I'm not having a lot of other outlets due to being stuck at home STILL with sick babies - or- should I eat more?!!? What happens when/if I reach my goal weight!?!? In reality is this the way I should eat for the rest of my life with exception to a few splurges here and there!?!? Any thoughts or suggestions?!?


The Daniel Family said...

I am so jealous. My scale broke and I haven't even wnated to weigh! I need to learn how to eat!!! I have no idea....7lbs!!! I want to lose 7lbs and still eat!!!

Michawn said...

That's awesome Aimee. Keep it up. Won't be long now, even though it's getting tougher.

I wonder those same things. What will I be like...what will I eat and what will my body look like...after I stop this whole reproducing phase of my life. :-) Of course, from the looks of it...will I ever stop this reproducing phase of my life? Ha ha ha. Of course I will...but, then will I be faced with the extra weight gain that comes with menopause at that point? :-) It will be very interesting to see what comes my way. So happy for you...I know that it's a great feeling to be well on your way to your weight goal.

anna said...

wow Aim....that amazing!! Good Job!:) I really need help with what you are doing! Perhaps when I see you next, I won't know it's you!! skinny-mini!!:) ...any tips on how to even get started? I really need to start! I've been working out some...but need to eat better!! help!:)