Wednesday, February 27

Aimee's 7th Week Update

I got onto the scale this morning and was a little surprised! Another 1.3 pounds loss this week...3.1 pounds until I've reached my first goal! Yes, I've loss 11.8 pounds over the last 7 weeks! With the tea party this week, there were lots of temptations all week long...I just tried to treat myself to a little something once a day and then wait patiently for tomorrow for another little taste! That and indulge on healthier options! Not easy, but these last few weeks of Weight Loss has lead me to becoming a huge believer of the old saying, a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips, or for me a lifetime on the belly (my trouble spot)! As I eat I try to remind myself that I don't want that sweet something sitting on my belly as an extra layer of cushion, ya know! Afterall, its almost swim season and my kids are at the perfect age to frequent the pool lots this year! You're more than welcome to join sure to give us a call...we love swimming with friends! (Can you tell I'm ready for winter to be done with!?!? Is it really suppose to snow next week!?!? Seriously!)

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