Wednesday, March 12

Aimee's 8th & 9th Week Update

So, if you check out my other blog~ then you know that March 4th was my anniversary! No, I did not take my scale on our overnight date! I did stick to my plan for the most part while away, but truthfully, weight loss/maintenance wasn't much of my focus! Lonnie and I were all about having FUN together! So this Wednesday, March 12th ~ after two weeks without a checkup, I stepped on the scale again! Once again not expecting a loss, I was treated to a 1.2 pound weight loss! So here are the stats...Bennett's 5 pound prego weight lost---CHECK! ...Brady's 5 pound prego weight lost---CHECK! ...Belle's 5 pound prego weight lost---ALMOST...2.0 pounds left to reach my first goal! I'll check again next week and see where my weight is, but I definitely can tell the weight loss has slowed a lot! I think for the most part, the weight watcher food opts are still simple to follow! Once I reach the point I haven't loss, I think I'll go back to writing down my points to make sure I'm really following the plan to the tee...until then, I'm enjoying a more laxed approach!

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