Wednesday, January 9

It's Official for Aimee!

My first diet! Well, unless you count the 3 days that one of my sisters and I decided to try metabolife but it made us so jittery that we took the company up on the 30 day money back offer! Or the weekend in college that I decided I'd do a s'more diet and ate only foods used to make a s'more: marshmellows, chocolate and graham crackers. Hmm...what was I thinking?!?!? It was fun for a bit though! I also tried Slim Fast for 1 day but I felt like I was going to pass out from hunger...that and I was a total grump so of course that was a no go!
This time I'm real optimistic! I've only heard great things about weight watchers, so...I emailed my yahoo group called Freecycle (click on the word to see what the nationwide group is all about). One of my freecycle buddies had all of the weight watcher material and said I could have it since they weren't using it. They even had a calculater that I could try out and a really funny bracelet to keep track of points...hmm?!?! That wasn't quite my style so I tossed it. In my pile of new material was the eating out guide with all the points already calculated for most restraunts. A food companion guide that had all the points to the food in my pantry and fridge. A log for me to record my points consumed. And a bunch of recipes!
So here we go...I'm hoping to lose 5 pounds per kid...that's a total of 15 pounds for this Mommy!

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