Sunday, January 27


Aimee here:
Losing weight while stuck at home for a week with a sick baby girl...throw in two stir-crazy boys...and a bunch of whining is a real challenge! My little belly was screaming isn't there something sweet around here!!? Something to keep me smiling!?!!? Thankfully I stuck to my plan and haven't ate more than my daily portion! I've been trying to pick low cal snacks so I can eat a bit at a time all day wheat thins with 1 section of laughing cow cheese (there's a new garlic and herb flavor that's awesome)- 2 points, garden vegetable soup- 0 points, skinny cow ice cream sandwiches- 2 points, ww yogurt- 1 point, 2 cups of almost fat free popcorn- 0 points, etc. I even had nachos one evening...baked tostitos (17 chips for 2 points and 1/4 cup low-fat cheese for 3 points and my homemade salsa for 0 points). Those were so good! Thankfully my little Belle is on the mend so eventually our days will pick up the pace.

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anna said...

good-job aim, for hangin in there with healthy snacks!:) ...even amidst stress!! totally need to try some of those ideas for snacks!! ilove you!