Wednesday, March 26

Aimee's 10th & 11th Week Update

Alright, so I've been a little laxed on my posts this month! Sorry to my one reader (Holly :)) I'll try to be better! Thankfully I wrote the numbers down on my weigh in day or I'd never be able to recall them! Week 10: I lost .6 of a pound and Week 11: I lost .4 of a pound! Surprisingly the results continue going in the right direction! So as of the end of my 11th week dieting, I am down a total of 14.1 pounds!

I was asked if at this point I can tell a difference and the answer is an astounding YES! I have dropped two sizes in pants/shorts...and my shirts seem to be fitting much better (I think I was wearing things a bit too tight before...oops)! My underclothes have required changes as well...panties down a size and bra down a size--- in the rib size (I think that I should be wearing a smaller cup, too but the lady at GAP body swore this the right size!?!?!--- Ali was fitted at Nordstroms a while back and was totally impressed so someday when I'm without three curious children, I may venture that way!) Anyone available to join me?!!? Needless to say, weight loss is expensive, not because of the plan, but because of the need to recycle to new clothes.

Last night as Lonnie and I were hitting the sack, I told him that a drawer in my dresser was being loaded with clothes that are a bit big in case I put the weight back on. To which he replied...I don't think you'll need them again. And I said, I just hear that people often put their fat back on after the diet ends. To that...Lonnie told me that he doesn't think I'll get fat again. I flashed a look! Oops, double oops! He knew he'd stepped in it! All he could do was laugh and say that's not what he meant! It wasn't, neither of us think that I was "fat" before, just not as healthy as I am right now. Anyways I thought you'd appreciate that one so I figured I'd share!

As this point I'm continue to eat much less than I did a few months back (most people that diet say they didn't eat all that much before, I'm totally the opposite, I really did use to eat a lot--- way too much), and the snacks that I indulge in are things like, fat-free & sugar-free JELLO and Pudding (often topped with light Cool Whip), fruit, wheat thins with laughing cow, low point popcorn, and other low point/healthy alternatives. I am still hoping to coast down at least 1 more pound, but my vain girlish side would LOVE to loose 4 more pounds!?!? We'll see! I think I'll have to refocus and recommit to the fine print of the weight watchers diet if I am going to loose that much more!

I'll continue to post and update...I'll try to be more consistent!


Michawn said...

I am totally offended. You know I love to read too. :) Just kidding. Very inspired by your weight reading about it and hope to be doing as well as you in a few weeks, or maybe months (let's be realistic).

Holly said...

See, there's at least 2 of us reading!!! ;) I say go for the 4 more lbs! But you could do it like you've been doing it- just a little at a time, so it doesn't feel like you're dieting as much. Just a thought! I didn't lose any weight last week from going out to eat so much and all that cake! But at least I didn't gain any either! You go girl! I bet you'll look hot in that tiny bathing suit this summer! You should wear it around the neighborhood pool to show off your new bod... (heehee)