Sunday, September 18

Sunday PAPER: Airplane

Welcome to another week of Sunday PAPER!

This was our 2nd week to be the first grade boys' sunday school teachers.  Good times.  
  • ice breaker - check
  • music - check
  • bible reading - check
  • lesson - check
  • prayer - oops, remember next week
  • closing activity - check
  • parent pick up - NOT YET!
Once again, boys began grabbing stacks of paper from the supplies area and folding this way and that....airplanes began flying from every corner of the room....lots aimed at me!  No biggie, right.  Boys have energy - I have two of them, I understand!  We should have known by week two not to have easy access to the paper.  OOPS - when people passing by peeked into our classroom at peak chaos! They looked shocked!  Even BIGGER OOPS -  when the next sunday school teachers came in to relieve us for the second week in a row to total chaos!  Especially since that was really the only criteria we were given, please make sure the children are working on a quiet activity during the teacher transition period.  Hmmm, need SOLUTION for next week!

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