Tuesday, January 22

English Muffin Pizzas

1. Cut an English Muffin in half. Spray each side with nonstick cooking spray, sprinkle with Italian Seasoning, then broil on high for 2 minutes.

2. Top each muffin with 1/4 cup of my favorite spaghetti sauce warmed in microwave, Prego traditional, a bit more Italian Seasoning, a slice of tomato, and a slice of skim-milk mozzarella cheese.

3. Return to oven and broil until the cheese boils. Remove and Enjoy!

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Michawn said...

This is making me hungry. :-) Of course, I just woke up and I'm starving. Ha ha.

So sad that I'm not quite at this point yet. I'm still on my upward climb. :-) But, as soon as I've got a baby in my belly no more, you can believe that I will be heading to this site for some encouragement and ideas. Of course, by that time, you will be done Aimee. 15 pounds is nothing, esp. using Weight Watchers. (don't mean to minimize the hard work that it still is of course...I just mean it probably won't take you long) I had 30 to lose when I did it and it took me 3 months.

Anyway, love these ideas. I'll have to go back...oh, wait I can't...I lost all my stuff. :-) I was going to say that I would pass on some of the things I did last time. BUT...a huge help for me was investing in the TurnAround cookbook...the Weight Watchers cookbook. It has some really great stuff in it. You might consider it if you haven't already gotten it. Thankfully, I do still have that. So glad.

Alright, girlfriends...keep it up. So very exciting to be on your way to skinny, isn't it? I can't wait. :-)