Wednesday, January 23

Aimee's 2nd Week Update

This weeks weigh in was again a success! 2.6 pounds loss this week for a total of 4.0 pounds down 10 pounds to go! The last day or two I've craved pizza in a major way but know one slice for 7 points wouldn't really satisfy! So I reverted to a childhood favorite of mine...English Muffin Pizzas! I had two halves and they were so filling and so GREAT!

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anna said...

you just crack me up, Aim! i love you!! ...i've got to really start working on eating better! i just got a mocha before going into work ...needed a little pick me up before the long night here at work! i did go walking today with a friend, which I totally suggest b/c it makes the time by fast! ...i'm proud of y'all!! perhaps this blog will modivate me more! :)