Thursday, January 24

Lonnie's Banned...

Aimee here:
The first day that I decided to follow this weight watcher stuff Lonnie was so excited to join along! He's the one who always ruins the fun of splurge type food by reading the nutritional information aloud! Far into pregnancy number two I stopped him from sharing the scoop with me, but something about someone smiling as they research online the fat and calories in a large Braum's reeses peanut butter treat speaks loudly, ya know! Needless to say, he was thrilled to join with me on my health kick...or as he called me!
Brandi (my neighbor and good friend) was shocked that I was letting him. Little did I know that he'd lose about 3 pounds the first week...this on a guy who is already skin and bones, very uncool! Then week two another 3 plus pounds! Seriously though when he hit the 160s (he's 6 feet tall), I banned him! Yep, put him back on 32 ounces of Dr. Pepper a day and started enforcing seconds during every meal!

You know how I got my weight watcher material from my freecycle group, well it wasn't the most up to date information so the points were alotted through how much you weigh rather than a calculated formula. Lonnie was only eating 4 points more than me each day. Finally the other night when Ali, Mom and I were at Chili's before catching our movie, they got to the bottom of it! There's a new formula and Lonnie was suppose to be eating 10 points more than me! (My personal opinion was that he needs 20 points more than me). Regardless, no wonder he was shrinking like crazy!

He's insisted now on eating the same foods as me, but is being much more purposeful about his portions!

Men and weight loss!?!?! So unfair!

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The Daniel Family said...

I agree completely!!! Derek is like 5'11 and when he's running drops to like 145-150...when he's not running he's 155. When I'm preggo, I stuff him, so I won't catch him (he gets up closer to 170 then)...but it's been close! I ahte how he can spend a week running and lose 5 lbs!!!! So not fair! He can eat whatever he wants without thought!!!!