Tuesday, April 8

Aimee's 13th Week Update

So this week I lost just under a pound...0.8. That puts me at a total of 15.8 pounds lost. Over the next 2 1/2 weeks perhaps my body will drop 1.9 more and put me at my total goal weight for my birthday!?! That'd be fun!!! I'm just going to stick with my healthy eating habits and will let my body determine if it needs to lose more. I don't want to do anything extreme that I can't keep up with ~ that's the reason I've never dieted before ~ fear that my body's metabolism would start expecting something and the repercussions of not keeping up with it would end me at a higher weight then when I began this journey. Granted, I'm not a scientist nor a researcher so I have no evidence to back my theory!

In other news, we went to On the Border as a family and split the Chocolate Empanada Dessert (had a freebie coupon). The kids and Lonnie were digging in, smiling, licking the spoon, dish and their lips because evidently it was incredible! I refrained. Lonnie didn't understand until yesterday how I could have such self control. I don't...I'm just treated to other sweets! I continue to be obsessed with the Smart One Ice Cream Sundaes in Mint Chocolate Chip and Cookie Dough varieties! They are crazy good! I have one just about every day, topped with about a half a cup of cool whip!!! Seriously, I'm hooked! I will be begging my grandkids to bring me these when I'm in a nursing home they're that good! I think with cool whip its 3 points which isn't bad at all! And it keeps me on track...well worth the $1.50ish/2 that they cost at Target!

That leads me to two other thoughts...1. Who's leaving the freezer door open at Target and making these things defrost, get all mix up and yucky, then refreezes them!?!? Seriously this month its been about every other package. I have them in my freezer too and one of these days I'm taking them all back to exchange them...and I might even open up the new packages while I'm there to ensure I'm not getting freezer burnt dessert! 2. Which is better? Cool Whip that's Fat-Free or Cool Whip that's Light!?!? They are the same number of points (0 for a good sized serving), but I switch off each time because I can't determine which tastes better!?!? Any opinions!?!?


Us said...

OOOOH! I saw those last week! When I am through with Jillian's workout thingy I will e buying some to have as a treat. it has to be less calories than Sheridan's!

Holly said...

I'll have to try that...I've been totally enjoying the skinny cow popsicle thingys...only one point each and they totally taste just like regualar ice cream with chocolate on top! I started weighing myself mid-week this week b/c last week I didn't lose any weight...such a bummer...but that extra weigh-in helps me see if I need to adjust my diet a bit to keep on track. I've still only lost 6 lbs. in 4 weeks, so I'm a little annoyed. But I'll keep going anyways. It's better than watching myself get chubbier and chubbier, right?