Wednesday, April 16

Aimee's 14th Week Update

I guess my body is still in loss mode. This morning when I weighed in, I had lost another 1.2 pounds. Again, I was real surprised. This puts me down a total of 17.0 pounds. If this continues I may have to lower my birthday goal weight!?!? I guess that or celebrate with a HUGE piece of cake!?!

Last week I did a little unmentionable shopping and did find going to Nordstrom's very helpful. They are very thorough in helping you find the right bra! Lonnie and the kids were there with me and I thought the kids would want to go explore...NOPE! They rotated taking turns hanging out with mom and the Nordstrom's lady in the dressing room. I have to say, Bennett would be my first pick to take with me should I take on this endeavor again, which I don't plan on it...that was a lot of work! Brady kept telling me that he liked those "Glasses" too. Or oops, I'm sitting on your "Glasses, Sorry 'bout that Mommy!" Where he got that bras are called glasses I'll never know!?!? Oh my! Belle had the sillies and I think drove the elderly lady helping us CRAZY! Belle kept trying on my bra and giggling uncontrollably! After walking around for a while, two kids at a time, Lonnie came to the intimate apparel section once again to check on me. I think the lady wanted me to try all the possibilities on again, but I had to let her know I had made my decision in a rather firm tone so I could make it up to the register and on my way to our next store. Seriously, I think I tried on bras for an hour and a half straight! Quite a marathon!

Thankfully I know the panties I like so I headed straight for Gap after the bra marathon and was in and out within like 2 minutes! I just needed a size smaller because the fabric was bunching under my clothes.

A couple days later, while Belle was at school I found a new pair of shoes at DSW and I like them a whole lot. They look Brighton-ish, even my super stylish friend Stephanie that LOVES Brighton stuff and I think I'll ask for the same pair of earrings that she got for her birthday from Brighton because they are so cute. Oops, that was a tangent! Anyways Stephanie thought my cute new shoes were Brighton. Now I think I need some more casual, everyday black shoes. I'll copy my other adorable friend Tiffany that said the other day at brunch that she found hers at Target, they are real cute and I can't wait to slip my foot into the same ones! Wonder if my troops want to do that today?!?! Nah, I already promised them we'll do school and they're rearing to go! Thankfully its almost the weekend and I bet I can sneak away and snatch them up before they are sold out...they're that cute!

Maybe I'll add pictures of my shoes to this post later today!?!? Fun idea!?!

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