Tuesday, September 27

Sitting On It

...for six long months.

Most people have either gone through selling a house or will go through it at some point...and when you do, let me know so I can empathize with you!  And by empathize I mean for both you and for your family...they'll have to live with you!  I know what it's like to attempt maintaining perfection while surrounded by total chaos...it completely contradicts the harmony we all truly want in our home...but the sick side of me kind of liked the insane expectations I was permitted to keep during those long six months....I know sick, right!



Here are my tips if your house is currently on the market currently!  During the painful process of showings...
  • Keep a laundry basket in the family room that you can use to pile the left out toys and then throw that basket into the car with you when you leave during a no-warning showing.  
  • Have a can of lysol so you can spray throughout the house as you walk out the door for a fresh smell when the potential buyer explores your home (I've heard freshly baked cookies is great, too...but remember I'm trying to keep in those skinny jeans).

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