Wednesday, September 28


FINALLY it happened!  After many attempts by our realtor to lower our price, after tons of no shows and tons of showings where we left the house so the prospective buyer could look (snoop) around, after countless times of being told, "it only takes one," after Halloween, Thanksgiving, Bennett's birthday, Christmas, New Years, and finally with Spring...the one walked through the door!
The doorbell rang.  For some reason, this time, I couldn't get us and our stuff in the car fast enough.  I opened the door and the realtor explained who he was while I over-talked him at a ratmillion miles a minute...excuses for not getting out of his way sooner!
A little delay on my part, his words that I was speaking over...finally were absorbed.  "Please stay, I'm just the buying agent and I would love to hear about your house and your neighborhood."  What!?!  Now I had the other side of worries...does he know what he's saying!?!?  I have THREE kids that are going to be answering right beside me...and would there answers scare him away!?!?  
I stayed, enjoyed a visit with a realtor that could see the updates in our home and appreciated them one after another.  It was an instant connection.  He explained that he had a buyer living overseas in the military and they had hired him to be their buying select the house for them to buy...sight unseen!
I would NEVER be able to trust a stranger to buy a house for me.  TOTAL CRAZY for a type A person!!!  However, we couldn't have been more thankful for this wonderful realtor that sold our home for nearly what we were a market that had begun to slump!!!  
Pack it up...move it out...somethings gotta go!!!

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