Saturday, September 24

Somethings Gotta Go

This blog will hopefully motivate me to purge this house's ugly..because there's a lot of somethings gotta go at this address!   Somethings gotta stay though, I'll include some of my favorite things, too.

Since orgainzation is my passion, I'll fill you in with tips on decluttering,how we save money, and our monthly menu so we don't end up splitting fajitas for one at Pappasito's every meal (although I maybe could go for that)!   Speaking of eating out, I'll let you know my thoughts on maintaining healthy so my skinny jeans fit...I'm no expert, but I have a few thoughts!

I'll also post a little bit about party planning because we gotta keep life fun, too!  And as a homeschool mommy, I'm with my kids all day long, I may throw in a little about that, too!  We'll just have to see where the conversation goes, right!!!

So without further adieu...

Welcome to Our Home!
(Front Door's Gotta Go.)

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