Sunday, September 25

Sunday PAPER: House

Welcome to another week of Sunday PAPER!

This was our 3rd week to be the First grade boys' Sunday school teachers.  Good times.  
  • ice breaker - check
  • music - check
  • bible reading - check
  • lesson - check
  • prayer - check
  • closing activity - check
  • paper folding activity - CHECK!!!
  • parent pick up - check
This week, we put the paper out of sight of the boys and when we were ready, we grabbed enough for each boy to have one sheet!  Then Lonnie lead the class in an origami lesson.  In keeping with the lesson on 'WORKERS' and in theme with our ice breaker where Lonnie brought his tool belt and let the boys practice drilling screws in a board...our first in our new series of paper folding was a HOUSE...which they put a lot of effort into coloring and drawing the bricks and roof!  Time went like clockwork.  No puzzled looks by those passing by and the children were well mannered when the next teachers arrived.  SUCCESS!
Here's the link for those who want to impress their own kids or calm their boys (at least for a few minutes).  ORIGAMI HOUSE

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