Monday, October 3

Halloween Wreath

I love Thrifty Decor Chick's blog and after seeing this on her site I had to try it myself!  I used a 40% coupon on Hobby Lobby's website (just showed them the coupon on my iPhone and they gave me my discount).  Love that!  
12 inch styrofoam wreath - $2.39 with coupon.

Target has black duct tape for $3ish at Target.  And I grabbed candy corns at the same time...a large package was $2.  I grabbed 2 bags which was perfect, an extra half of a bag was left to give us a sugar high!
My trusty hot glue was my mom's years ago.  I inherited (forever borrowed) it in college.  As long as you make sure each row the candy corn flips the opposite direction, its all good.  How long did it take!?!?  The length of one good Gigi and Me phone conversation!  
Finish with a quick coat of polyurethane - I found some in our garage...then let it dry for about an hour.  
We're ready for Trick or Treaters!

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