Wednesday, October 5

Memorize Psalm 100

Our sweet friends challenged their Sunday School class last year to memorize Psalm 100 by reciting the passage 100 times by Thanksgiving!  We joined them last year and as a family memorized Psalm 100, too.
The campaign has spread and this year, the children's ministry at our church is providing families with tools to take home to help with the memorization process.  During family worship on Sunday, the kids were reminded that their parents have lots on their minds, so they can be the biggest resource for their parents in helping the entire family learn the passage!
Today is October 5th and Thanksgiving is just 50 days away...if you want to join our family this year, start today and between now and November 24th, together as a family repeat aloud Psalm 100 together twice a day!!!    
I found the above poster available in a free pdf file if you'd like to print out a graphic to help your family keep Psalm 100...visible through Thanksgiving!  Here's the link to Starlight Writer if you'd like to visit...seems like a sweet blog.

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