Saturday, October 1

Plans for My Pumpkins

The weather is finally starting to cool down...following way too many days in the triple digits this summer!  So many triple digits that we set a new record...that's not the kind of record I ever want to set again!  Along with the changing of seasons, it's time to mark the calendar with our family's favorite outings and work on my to do list!!!  In high school, I use to laugh at one of my mom's friends for saying that she'd just go crazy without her calendar...I have become calendar is my best friend!

  • State Fair Over Texas
  • Niece's Birthday
  • Pumpkin Patch in the Evening
  • Carve Pumpkins
  • Chili Cooking Contest 
  • Family Camping Trip (?)
  • Garage Sale or Goodwill - Still Not Sure
  • Prune and Pull Shrubs in Front Yard
  • Bake Pumpkin Yummies
  • Find Last Few Halloween Costume Accessories
  • Pick Out Christmas Card Outfits for the Family
  • Schedule Outdoor Family Photo Shoot

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