Sunday, October 2

Sunday PAPER: Paper Dudes

Welcome to another week of Sunday PAPER!

This was our 4th week as 1st grade boys' Sunday school teachers.  Good times.  
  • ice breaker - check
  • music - check
  • open bible - check (all 14 of them)
  • "God's Word is always true and everything in it really happened!"
  • lesson - check
  • prayer - check
  • closing activity - check
  • paper folding activity - CHECK!!!
  • parent pick up - check
We're starting to find our groove with the kids.  Although, their energy totally needs to be bottled and sold!!!  Since the topic was serving others, one major emphasis for the boys was caring for others.  Paper Dudes became our folding project.  This will take you back!  I'll include some pictures below so you can try this at home with your little dudes and dudettes!
FIRST: Fold the paper in half, length-wise.  Use the fold line to cut the paper into two equal sheets.  You'll  just need one of the sheets.
SECOND: Fold the sheet in half width-wise until corners meet. Crease and then open up and use middle line to guide the paper into an accordion shape, with four equal parts. Now draw the dude or dudette on the paper.  Cut around the sketch, being sure to leave the hands intact...NO CUTS ALONG EDGE OF HANDS!  
THIRD: Open and you'll have four friends to color and appreciate.  Hopefully a good reminder Joseph and how he was loving to his brothers even after they were cruel to him because he knew that wherever he had gone, God had been with him!!!

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